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Uniting man with the true nature of self and this realm we call Earth. Building toward a future of freedom, outside of the decaying failed culture of nihilistic materialism that has perverted the dream we call, “The American Way”. To loose the bonds of our fellow travelers along the way. We will approach everything from a perspective of freedom and free thought, cutting through the controls placed on us by government, politics, religion and so called education. Bringing our fellow man to the knowledge that we are divine, sovereign creatures! Exposing the lies of those that seek to enslave you and why it matters to who and what you are! Who are we? Where do we live? God? Science? Government, politics and more….Join us on the journey!

If the cost of saving the world is the liberty of even ONE man, let the world dissolve to ash!





You are creating the future of your hearts desires. Think with intent, don't blindly react to happenings around you but rather be aware and move with purpose. Eliminate the potential for "accident" or "I didn't mean to". If it be grace extended or justice carried out, let it not be in apathy or carelessness. ​​​​​

 The Celestial Resonance Canopy


What is the Universe?


The Universe—the boundless expanse that surrounds us—has always beckoned the curious minds of humankind, inviting us to uncover its mysteries and unravel its secrets. Our insatiable quest for knowledge has led us to traverse the realms of science, constantly refining our understanding of the cosmos. Yet, what if we dared to peer beyond the familiar horizons of our conventional wisdom? What if we embraced an idea so audacious, so contrary to our established norms, that it reshaped our perspective of reality itself? 

What if we took a look; Beyond the Horizon?

I submit to you: 

The Celestial Resonance Canopy Hypothesis (CRC)

Picture, if you will, a universe that deviates from the accepted script—where the realm we call Earth, rather than a sprawling sphere, lies beneath a grand, dome-shaped atmosphere, we call the “Celestial Resonance Canopy” or (CRC). As unconventional as this may sound, it beckons us to consider a different vantage point—one that may not conform to our current understanding, yet compels us to pause and reflect on the possibilities.

The Practicality of the Unconventional

At first glance, the notion of the CRC might seem fantastical, triggering a deluge of questions and skepticism. How does this idea stand up to the rigorous scrutiny of science and logic? Could it coexist with what we’ve come to understand about the laws governing the Universe? While we may not have all the answers within this framework, the idea itself offers a perspective that is not only practical but thought-provoking.

Questioning the Paradigm: An Imperative Exploration

The journey of knowledge has always been shaped by our willingness to question prevailing paradigms—to venture into the unknown and reimagine the boundaries of our understanding. As we embark on this exploration of a dome-covered Earth, we mustn’t shy away from the gaps in our knowledge or the incongruities with the familiar. Our Universe, vast and multifaceted, holds space for ideas beyond the ordinary.

Embracing Creative Endeavors

Exploration, in all its forms, brings us closer to the heart of discovery. In delving into ideas that challenge the status quo, we enrich the tapestry of human thought. While we may not be able to untangle every thread of our Universe’s mystery, that does not diminish the value of considering alternatives. Rather, it underscores the importance of embracing the spectrum of possibilities—of fostering creative endeavors that spur us to view the Universe through new lenses.

Conclusion: A Journey Unfolds

As we step into this realm of imagination, where the CRC  challenges our assumptions, let us remember that exploration, not certainty, is the true essence of human curiosity. The journey we undertake may not always lead to concrete answers, but it guides us toward an enriched understanding of the Realm and our place within it. In embracing ideas that expand the contours of our comprehension, we chart a course toward an ever-evolving appreciation of the cosmos.

A name given and a name chosen, the echoes of the weight of transformation and the power of self-discovery. Born into humble beginnings in the rugged embrace of the Appalachia mountains. His life, at first glance, appeared ordinary to the casual observer. Yet beneath the surface, within the depths of his being, a profound struggle unfolded—a battle between his own demons and the burgeoning power that stirred within him.

Raised in a broken home in relative poverty, Cormac's early years were marked by the relentless hardships of the Appalachian region. As he navigated the rugged terrain of existence, a tempest brewed within his mind, challenging his perception of reality and forcing him to confront the duality that lay dormant within him.

In the eyes of the world, Cormac's life may have appeared unremarkable, filled with the trials and tribulations that accompany a meager existence. But deep within his soul, a fervent desire to understand and unravel the mysteries of the universe burned with an intensity unmatched by his circumstances.

For years, Cormac grappled with the growing power that resided within him—a power that whispered secrets of the divine, the nature of our realm, and the essence of self. Wrestling between embracing this power and suppressing it, he found himself teetering on the precipice of understanding, yearning to break free from the chains that held him back.

Then, on that fateful day a web covered, dusty attic, a cataclysmic event unfolded, shattering the barriers of Cormac’s perception. A metaphysical or spiritual experience of unparalleled magnitude engulfed him, forever altering his paradigm on God, life, and the enigmatic nature of our realm and the human body and mind itself. It was in that moment that Cormac's journey truly began—a journey into the depths of the unknown, where truths waited to be unraveled and the boundaries of existence would be tested.

With each passing revelation, Cormac's understanding expanded, propelling him forward on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment. It is within this journey that Cormac has found solace, purpose, and the courage to share his experiences with the world. He seeks to ignite the spark of curiosity within the hearts of readers, inviting them to join him on this extraordinary odyssey.

Through his writings, Cormac invites you, dear reader, to embark on a voyage of self-discovery, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the seemingly mundane becomes a tapestry of transcendence. His words beckon you to question the boundaries of reality, to challenge your preconceived notions, and to embrace the power that resides within.

Join Flyn Robert Cormac on this remarkable expedition, where the battles of the mind and the mysteries of existence intertwine. Explore the realms of the unknown, where demons can be conquered, and paradigms can be shattered. Together, let us venture into uncharted territory, where the extraordinary awaits.

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for a journey that will leave you forever changed.

Welcome to the world Beyond Our Realm.



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