• Stake Thru The Heart (About Me)

    ...veiled word and cloaked intention. Always seeking to be slave and tyrant.

  • Job: Unwavering Loyalty

    However, when we acknowledge that Job received reports of their deaths, it becomes apparent that the reports themselves may have been flawed or false. The narrative does not state that Job witnessed their deaths, only that he received reports of these tragic events. 

  • The Pret Awakening; The Revival the West Needs

    This divine lineage is beautifully encapsulated in a passage from Psalm 82:6-7, where the psalmist speaks of the Most High walking among the gods and condemning them to death like regular men. This striking imagery reminds us that regardless of our station or class in life, we all end up in the same place at the end of the day—mortal and accountable.

  • FLAT isn’t a Shape: Navigating Assumptions, and Alternative Perspectives

    Central to this exploration is the crucial lesson of recognizing and addressing fallacies. For example in this article we will address one of the most popular knee-jerk rebuttals presented when someone hears “Earth is Flat” the incessant prattle “But what about lunar eclipses flat head?”, seemingly linking Earth's shadow to its curvature. However, beneath the surface lies the shadow of faulty reasoning, underscoring the importance of approaching claims with a critical lens.

  • NO! Don’t Get Chipped; but it’s Not the “Mark of the Beast”

    Imagine being a member of the early Christian community in the first century. Your world is shaped by the events of the time—foremost among them, the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. With this in mind, the mark of the beast takes on a new perspective. Rather than searching for modern devices or systems, we should consider how this symbol might have been understood by those who heard John’s words in their immediate historical context.